9 ways JOE would improve sporting events 5 years ago

9 ways JOE would improve sporting events

Will these changes happen?

Definitely not.


But we can dream and dream we will.

So, here are our proposed changes for making sporting events that little bit more enjoyable.

Cheaper tickets

This an obvious starting point, but real fans shouldn't be denied the chance to watch their team play because of money issues.


A tall person section

We're sick of creaking our neck because of you feckers. It's time for segregation.



Free match programmes

So, we've already spent a fortune on our tickets and now you're asking us for more money. Ridiculous.

who says

Headphones on the seat with commentary


More Marty would only improve things.


More toilets... way more toilets

Is there anything worse than the queue for the loos on matchday?



Ban Mexican waves

This particular writer hates Mexican waves and anything else that involves him getting up from his seat involuntarily.



Substitutions are made by an audience vote

This is clearly madcap, but can you imagine a world where Wes Hoolahan gets on every game?

We'd win the World Cup easily.

Republic of Ireland v Faroe Islands - FIFA 2014 World Cup Qualifier

A free snack at half-time

We can dream, can't we?


Full refund if it's 0-0 in soccer, a rugby match without a try or a GAA game that's one-sided

We know this would never work, but nonetheless, can you imagine how great it would be?


Actually, you know what?

Forget it.

Sport is great as it is... apart from the expensive tickets, we'll stand-by that point.

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