Anderson Silva is training to become a police officer 8 years ago

Anderson Silva is training to become a police officer

Following in the footsteps of a few of his family members, Anderson Silva is training to be a cop

After breaking his leg in a fight against Chris Weidman in December, Anderson Silva has been on the road to recovery, and he's certainly not taking it easy. According to Bleacher Report, who have noted that he's already rolling with team-mates and hitting the pads, so he's refusing to call time on his career in the UFC just yet.


However, he's also dedicating some of his spare time to training as a police officer in Los Angeles too. He told the Folha de São Paulo that it's something that's hugely important to him personally, adding that a few of his brothers are cops and so is his uncle, who would love to see Officer Silva on duty.

"I already started studying in Brazil before, but I left the course and my uncle went a whole month without talking to me. This time I'm going to go until the end".

The Spider could genuinely become a cop, which we presume would mean that Spider-Man would either be out of business or he'd at least have some competition. Seriously though, if Anderson Silva was a Garda, would you dare to mess with him? We wouldn't...

Hat-trip to Bleacher Report and Folha de São Paulo for this one