Audio: Finally, a fantastic rap song all about hurling 8 years ago

Audio: Finally, a fantastic rap song all about hurling

The GAA tune of the year has arrived in April. Hats off to Costello, Captain Moonlight, Linco, Reece, and Temper-Mental MissElayneous, this is great.

We know that the upcoming GAA championship will feature all sorts of tunes from all over the country, but we'd be amazed if any of them are as good as this.


Posted on the excellent Nialler9 blog this morning, this rap has to be the best we've ever heard to be exclusively about the great game of hurling.

It won't be any surprise to anyone that this orginates from Kilkenny, courtesy of a guy called Captain Moonlight. When a rapper goes by the Twitter handle @Camogieman you know you can't go wrong.

Captain Moonlight has enlisted some of Dublin's finest rappers (Costello, Linco, Reece and Temper-Mental MissElayneous) to perform the rap and it is just class, with some great samples of GAA speak thrown in too.

Produced by DJackulate and Danz we can't imagine we'll hear this being boomed off the Hill during the summer, but it should be on everyone's playlist on the way to big hurling matches this year.