You can get free 'championship haircuts' in Croke Park on Sunday 4 years ago

You can get free 'championship haircuts' in Croke Park on Sunday

This is actually a really good idea...

Hair all getting a bit much? Wondering if you'll have time to get a proper trim before the big game on Sunday?


You need not worry, you're covered this weekend.

Any self-respecting GAA player will know what a 'championship haircut' is, but just incase you're not sure, we'll explain.

The championship haircut is a haircut gotten two or three days before a game (usually it's a championship game, as the name suggests, duh).


It's done to ensure that you're looking as fresh as possible for the big day and any photos which may be taken on said day.

If you get a championship haircut, you must recognise and broadcast it by Snapchat or Instagram, or any other appropriate social media platform. It's optional if you want to thank the barber (if you're feeling Hollywood), but all posts must include the word "fresh" in the caption.

The standard style is tight on the sides with some length on top to give it the business at the sides, but party on top kinda vibe.

Now that your crash course is over, you'll be able to get your own version of the championship haircut on Sunday in Croke Park.


To celebrate the ritual, Electric Ireland has teamed up with four expert barbers, to offer haircuts to fans in Croke Park the morning of the All-Ireland Minor Hurling Final.

The haircuts will be running from 11.30am until 1.3opm on Sunday just inside the turnstiles on the Cusack Stand side of Croke Park.

Fans can choose from four different hairstyles, as listed above, although from some reason we imagine the minor fade will be the most popular.