You can now buy tickets to football matches on the Ryanair website 3 years ago

You can now buy tickets to football matches on the Ryanair website

They're branching out...

Ever travelled to see a football match? Plenty of people do it, and now popular airline Ryanair have made their first move into the world of sports.


Thursday (13 December) marks the launch of the availability of tickets to sporting events across Europe on the Ryanair website.

Ryanair's "Tickets" page previously offered travellers the option to visit major tourist attractions while abroad, or go see musical shows on the West End, but now the website is also selling tickets to major sporting events such as the derby between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, set to take place in February of next year.

As of now, the selection is pretty limited, but the company has announced its intention to sell more and more football and rugby tickets on its site, in partnership with Coras, an online ticketing company.

You can check out the Ryanair Tickets page here.


Mark McLaughlin, CEO of Coras said: “Travel plans increasingly start with the purchase of an event ticket, whether it be for a football match or for a favourite music artist.

"Ryanair Tickets offers customers a more convenient and personalised experience to purchase the best event tickets across Europe. Starting with La Liga and Ligue 1 tickets, Ryanair customers can now buy tickets to enjoy games at Europe’s most iconic stadiums, with more teams and sports to be added in 2019.”