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26th Aug 2014

Check out these nutritional tips to help you get ready for An Post’s final event of the Cycle Series


The An Post  Cycle Series is heading to Glengariff in Cork for the final event of the series and we have all the nutritional advice you’ll need to help you cycle to your optimum level.

If you’re taking part in a cycling event of any description you are going to need fuel. But which foods are best to consume to ensure you don’t burn out before you get to the finish line? And when should we eat these foods? Read on….

On the morning of any cycle, it is absolutely vital that you get some breakfast. We are not talking breakfast rolls or towers of pancakes with maple syrup here. That’s the kind of stuff which could easily cause you to self-combust after a couple of kilometres. You need to get some carbs and protein on board so a bowl of porridge is a great option, maybe some fruit too or else a yoghurt and some scrambled eggs. Any of these things for breakfast will set you up for the rest of the day ahead.


The eating doesn’t stop there however and even when you arrive at the event, it is important to get something into you. You normally have to arrive early in order to register for the event so you could be up to an hour waiting for the event to start. Grab a banana or a cereal bar to keep you ticking over.

Don’t forget though these An Post Cycling events are all about having fun and there will be food stations along the route and of course at the end of it all, there’s a cup of tea, drinks, fruit and some sandwiches for your pleasure. The Local Sports Partnerships who run the events encourage you to stop, have a chat, refuel and meet some of the local volunteers who help make the event happen. This is a social event more than anything else for all people who enjoy a cycle.


Of course, if you want to do the cycle without stopping, it’s important to take on food during the cycle too and make sure you take care of your hydration. It’s imperative you stay hydrated and best option is to take on some water or isotonic drinks after 10-15 minutes of the event. If you become hydrated, it will affect your energy levels. When it comes to eating as you cycle, have something easy to open in your pocket or on your belt. You don’t want to risk losing control of the bike as you wrestle with a protein bar!

When you cross the finish line, enjoy that feeling of accomplishment. This is what you trained for so savour it and take in every last minute of it, but know also that it’s so very important to replenish what you have lost during the cycle. Take some protein on board and grab a banana, down a pint of milk or maybe a recovery drink. This will help you recover faster and ready for the next challenge.

An Post Rebel Tour in Glengarriff, Co. Cork on September 13th is the final event of this year’s An Post Cycle Series. If you want to take part, get your skates on and register right here.