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15th May 2016

Device found in Old Trafford confirmed by police to be a hoax

Alan Loughnane

More news from Old Trafford…

The device found in Old Trafford today prior to the Manchester United versus Bournemouth game has been confirmed to be a hoax by the police.

The stadium was initially evacuated following the discovery of the suspect device and soon after the game was abandoned as dear began to spread that this was a serious bomb threat.

However, Greater Manchester Police have confirmed that they carried out a controlled explosion on what they described as an “incredibly lifelike explosive device”.

But it seems that the suspicious device, reportedly some sort of pipe with wires and a mobile phone attached, was not a viable explosive device.

They’re continuing to search the stadium for other suspect devices.

There’s no word as of yet when the fixture will be rescheduled to but you can imagine this will surely hamper Man Utd’s preparation for their game with Crystal Palace.