Did you apply for Euro 2012 tickets? Today could be your lucky day 11 years ago

Did you apply for Euro 2012 tickets? Today could be your lucky day

If you applied for Euro 2012 tickets from Uefa then today is the day you could get some very good news.

In case you had forgotten, Euro 2012 is only 85 days away and if you were planning to go to Poland to follow the boys in green, today is the day when you could get a very special e-mail.


The Republic of Ireland have been allocated 6,000 tickets for each game against Croatia, Spain and Italy at this summer’s tournament and to get your hands on them you had to apply through a special FAI portal on the Uefa website.

The powers that be will update all the applicants for tickets today so if you applied you should get one of two e-mails. You will either be told you were unsuccessful and told you are on a waiting list or you will be told you are one of the lucky 6,000 and given a date to pony up the cash.

But if you are not among the special 6,000, don’t despair. An extra 760 tickets per game are available to Ireland so you may be allocated one of those when the bods at Uefa dish those out.

According to Uefa, over 12,000 people applied for those tickets so you have roughly a 50/50 chance of striking lucky, with the extra tickets improving your chances even further. And don’t despair if you still didn’t land a precious ticket as there is still time to apply for whatever tickets don’t get sold by applying here.