Dundalk midfielder Keith Ward made an incredibly kind gesture to a fan recently 5 years ago

Dundalk midfielder Keith Ward made an incredibly kind gesture to a fan recently

This is sheer class from Keith Ward.

JOE will always bring you the latest news from the sporting world but there is the odd moment when some stories slip under our radar.

No need to worry though because we have new spies in Louth and they have just brought this brilliant story about Dundalk midfielder Keith Ward to our attention.

Cillian Moran is a lifelong fan of the Lilywhites and a sportsman himself, having competed in the Special Olympics, and he was in the crowd for the recent EA Sports Cup final between Dundalk and Shamrock Rovers

The match was a cracker as Stephen Kenny's men won 3-2 to end their 12-year wait for a trophy and Cillian was just one of the many delighted Lilywhite fans in attendance at Oriel Park.

Naturally the Dundalk players were euphoric when the final whistle was blown but Keith Ward still managed to take the time to seek out Cillian and place his cup winner's medal around the lifelong Dundalk FC supporter’s neck.

The players then let one of their biggest fans take part in their celebrations as they paraded the cup around the stadium.

Dundalk Players

League of Ireland fans will know that Ward is one of the most likeable and infectious characters in the country; we have it on good authority that 'Wardy' is an absolute messer all the same but there is no denying that he plays the game in the right way and is a good character to have around.

Speaking with the Dundalk Democrat the midfielder said: "“It was no problem at all. His ma was very nice about it. Cillian’s a great lad. He comes up to us in the stand and sits with us. Many’s a time he has kept us company."

Cillian's mother and local senator Mary Moran was deeply moved that Ward and the Dundalk players took the time out to acknowledge her son's support.

“I was completely overwhelmed when Keith ran up to Cillian after the match and put the medal around his neck and said 'that's for you buddy'; it actually reduced me to tears. Keith Ward is a young player not much older than Cillian himself and I am so touched at his generosity and thoughtfulness Indeed all of the Dundalk team are amazing."

Speaking with the local paper she added: “Win lose or draw they are an amazing squad and true sportsmen. Recently I had the experience of trying to have Cillian included in another activity but unfortunately he did not receive a positive response, so this gesture was extra special.”

It may be a few days overdue from us but fair play to Keith Ward and all the players at Dundalk for a fantastic gesture.

Image via - Ciaran Culligan