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10th Nov 2023

Evan Ferguson had the perfect reaction to nonsense England question

Lee Costello

“It’s not a question.”

Evan Ferguson reaction to bizarre England question asked by talkSPORT reporter mirrors that of Irish fans everywhere.

Since Ferguson broke onto the scene as a teenage sensation, the county Meath teenager has been repeaditly tipped to play for England someday, despite the fact that he is Irish, from Ireland and has actually physically played for Ireland.

You would think the accent alone would be enough to bat the questions away, but amazingly, despite the fact that he has earned enough caps for the senior team to make him ineligible to play for any other country, it raised its head once again.

Evan Ferguson had the perfect reaction to nonsense England question

During an interview with talkSPORT following the news that the young striker has signed a new contract with Brighton, the journalist thought he would ask that golden question once again.

“There’s a lot of England fans who would love to see you put on the white shirt, is that ever going to happen?” the reporter asked.

“No, no, that’s never going to happen. It’s not a question,” Ferguson replied.

Now this is when the collective blood of Irish people everywhere started to boil in synchronisation, because it wasn’t just the fact that the reporter asked this next question, but even the way it was asked, beggars belief.

Without any shame, the talkSPORT interviewer said: “And why are you so committed to Ireland?”

It took Ferguson a second to register if he had definitely just been asked that, before he replied matter of factly: “Because I’m Irish. There’s nothing else to say.”

It must have taken everything in his power not to day “duh” at the end of that sentence, but the young Bettystown native handled it better than most of us who were ripping their hair out watching the interview.

Thankfully, regardless of how many times he was asked and will be asked, Ferguson will represent Ireland, and Ireland alone at international level.

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