Everything that happened at the end of Man City-Spurs proves that VAR is working 1 year ago

Everything that happened at the end of Man City-Spurs proves that VAR is working

There was a moment of pure happiness.

Gabriel Jesus was ecstatic. Manchester City had got what the deserved and Pep Guardiola and Sergio Aguero were reconciled.


And then VAR came along and ruined it all. This was another dramatic moment in the roll out of football's new review system, but as people tried to work up a head of steam about it, it became clear that it is working.

When Jesus's goal was overturned, it would have been easy to predict anger and rage at what had gone on. City supporters might be furious but who could they blame? When it is not the referee's fault, when it is not the fault of a human standing there, vulnerable and fallible, it is harder to find direction for the anger.

People might complain about the new handball law, but in terms of giving video referee scope to make the correct decision, that was working too.


On The Football Spin, Dion Fanning and Paddy McKenna discuss the fall out from City's dropped points at home to Spurs.


Dion Fanning insists that this was an evening when VAR's effectiveness was demonstrated, even if it upset the beautiful reunion between Pep Guardiola and Sergio Aguero.

People can be upset about the law but they couldn't complain about the decision taken on the back of the law.

And afterwards, that seemed to be the case. Instead of endless replays and discussions about a decision, there was something close to acceptance.

City dropped points despite overwhelming a Spurs side who were outclassed, but the relentless battle between Liverpool and City looks set to continue after Liverpool's win at Southampton and the return of Klopp's mentality giants. Is there any point in anyone else competing?

There's also talk of Troy Parrott and where he should be playing and why he isn't one for the future unless that future is in the autumn.


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