After the final, O'Connell Street in Dublin was absolutely wedged with Croatian and French fans 5 years ago

After the final, O'Connell Street in Dublin was absolutely wedged with Croatian and French fans

Great scenes of the fans mixing and being happy.

There's very little that can be said to console football fans after their country has just lost a World Cup final.


Hell, I'm an Irish fan and I'm still not fully over the whole 'Thierry Henry handball' debacle that deprived us of a chance of even getting to the World Cup in South Africa, but like most heartbreak in sport, you just have to accept it and deal with the pain via whatever means works.

Usually, it's alcohol and having a bit of fun with your fellow countrymen and some 'rival' fans.

On this note, after France's 4-2 win over Croatia in Moscow saw Les Blues win their second World Cup crown, thousands of French and Croatian supporters took to the streets of Dublin to celebrate the beautiful game.

For many Irish people, the Croats will always have a special place in our heart's because they knocked out England. Sorry England, that's just how it goes.


Given the size of their population and underdog status, it's safe to assume that Modric and co. were the side that most of the neutrals wanted to win today but there's no denying the fact that France were the best team at the World Cup.

Exhilarating going forward and able to choke the life out of a game when it's needed, Les Blues are worthy winners of the World Cup and just like the scenes two years ago when Ireland played in Paris, Bordeaux, Lille and Lyon at Euro 2016, it's great to see football fans coming together to celebrate a magnificent tournament.

Congratulations to France, they're deserved winners that still have the potential to get even better - how terrifying is that? As for Croatia, their mix of grit, talent and attacking football has been one of - if not THE - story of Russia 2018.

Here's hoping that we get to see scenes like this on the streets of Ireland when Euro 2020 starts.


Football, bloody hell.


Thanks to JOE reader Dominic Falvey for sending this in.