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05th Jan 2016

Galway hurler Johnny Glynn saves Christmas for young NFL fan back in Ireland

Tony Cuddihy

Johnny Glynn is an absolute superstar.

A JOE reader has described how the Galway hurler made her son’s Christmas wish come true all the way from New York.

When she left it too late to pick up an Odell Beckham Jr. shirt in Galway for her nine-year-old son before Christmas, Liz (not her real name) went to unconventional means to make sure Santa could make good on his promise.

She takes up the story…

“My son only turned nine in September, and he is a massive New York Giants fan…

“I had left it too late to make sure Santa brought him an Odell Beckham Jr. jersey for Christmas. It was Christmas week, none of the sports shops in Galway (or any of their sister shops) sold them or had any chance of getting one in stock for me and there was just no way I could think of any way of getting my hands on a jersey.

“All of a sudden Johnny Glynn popped into my head… I knew he had recently moved to New York and I presumed he would be coming home for Christmas so I sent him a message asking him, if it was at all possible, could he pick one up for me.

“Johnny replied back to me saying he was going to Mexico for Christmas. Then on the 20th December I got a picture message of the jersey from Johnny asking me what size I wanted.


“He went down to the NFL store after work and had the last medium boys jersey in his hand. That’s the one I needed!!!”

Liz goes on to reveal that Johnny wouldn’t take a penny for helping her out.

“When the question of money came up he wouldn’t hear of a red cent passing hands – he told me not to worry about it and to buy him a pint when he’s home.”

“Not only did Johnny pay for my son’s Giants jersey but he also organised to get it back into Ireland in time for Christmas.


“My husband drove to Shannon Airport at 6am on Christmas Eve morning to collect it from one of Johnny’s best friends – Sean MacNicolais (who, may I add, is another hero for getting it to us safely.) Now if I was either one of those boy’s parents I’d be very proud.”