GIF: Gruesome leg injury from the NFL last night 8 years ago

GIF: Gruesome leg injury from the NFL last night

If you're just sitting down to your mid-morning snack, look away now

San Francisco 49ers player NaVorro Bowman was having a very good game last night against the Seattle Seahawks, and was playing his part to try and get his team to the Super Bowl, but his night was cut short by a gruesome looking leg injury.


In an effort to strip Jermaine Kearse of the ball on the goal line and stop a scoring drive for Seattle, his leg gets caught underneath the wide receiver as he falls over, and bends completely the wrong way. As we already hinted, this doesn't make for pleasant viewing.

bow man leg gif

The assessment to date is that he has a torn ACL, but certainly the injury looked hugely unpleasant as it happened on the night. Legs are not supposed to bend that way...

Hat-tip to Bleacher Report for the gif