Happy Birthday Dana; Eight things you might not have known about the UFC supremo 8 years ago

Happy Birthday Dana; Eight things you might not have known about the UFC supremo

JOE’s good friend and favourite UFC President (he is the only one) Dana White turned 45 today so we thought we'd dig into his fact file for you...

White is very popular with Irish fans, particularly after his praise of the Irish at UFC Dublin, but when he is not buying pints for everyone in Murray’s Bar and Grill in Dublin, or calling out boxer Tyson Fury to join the UFC, what exactly does Dana White do?


So here in JOE Towers, have decided to bring you eight things you may not know about the man, the entrepreneur, the sex icon, and one of the coolest heads of any sporting body in the world. Who is the man behind the bald?

1) He used to have hair...


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2) He likes to drive sports cars around Las Vegas with Conor McGregor.


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3) The man is an absolute beast!


Ok well, for a man of his age he takes very good care of himself. We can't imagine the head of any other sporting organisations in the world doing this... except for John Delaney of course.

4) He really does not like UFC referee Steve Mazzagatti.

(Warning: Video NSFW)



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5) He donated £5,000 for a sick child to get treatment.

Back in 2010, White heard, through a family friend, of a sick girl who needed to raise money for treating her brain tumour. White proceeded to give £5,000 to her cause and he also backed the campaign to raise another £200,000 so the two-year-old from the could receive treatment in America.

6) He thinks that Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey would beat Floyd Mayweather.



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7) He was supposed to fight former UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz.

Ortiz had a clause in his contract that guaranteed a boxing bout with Dana White. When Tito activated the clause, White agreed to the bout and trained intensely for six months. Ortiz did not show up to the weigh-ins and the bout was abandoned. To this day, White claims that Ortiz pulled out because he knew the beating he would have gotten at the hands of White.

8) He was approached for the role of Tony D'Amato in Any Given Sunday

Well, not really... (Warning: very NSFW)

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