Here's why Ireland's game against Wales tonight is so important 5 years ago

Here's why Ireland's game against Wales tonight is so important

Simply put: the game is a must-win.

Ireland drew 0-0 with Denmark on Saturday night in the Aviva Stadium.


It was a much-improved performance from the last time we played the Danes, but it was nothing special either.

We created no real chances, and the only time we looked like scoring was when Denmark literally stopped playing for a few seconds.

That result meant that Tuesday night's game against Wales was all the more important.

How important, you ask?


Well let us tell you...

Not only is relegation/promotion at stake, but also seeding for the upcoming Euro 2020 qualification draw.

So there's a lot to play for.

If we lose tonight, relegation looks very likely. Even if we were to beat Denmark in the away fixture, we would need Wales to beat Denmark for us to be the first seeds.


If we lose and and don't beat Denmark, we'll be relegated, and be third seeds.

If we draw both games, same deal. Relegated and third seeds.

But on a more positive note, if we win both games we'll top the group, get promoted, and be first seeds.

If we win tonight, and have a scored draw against Denmark in the away game, we're guaranteed second place and first seeds.


So, long story short, we need to win tonight.

Wales will be without their talisman Gareth Bale, so we can be slightly more confident going into the game.