Ireland's love for Johnny Sexton truly knows no bounds 5 years ago

Ireland's love for Johnny Sexton truly knows no bounds

The gift that keeps on giving.

Ireland are currently taking on France today in the Six Nations in Paris. Much of talk during the week is that this is Ireland's game to lose, but not if the Dublin-native can have his way.


Kicking off at 4.45pm in the Stade de France, Rory Best and his squad scored an early lead as Sexton sent it straight through the posts and Ireland took an early three points.

Following a penalty 22 minutes in awarded by Nigel Owens, Sexton only went and slotted it over again.

And then once again, 38 minutes in, the Leinster player did it all over again and made it three for three.

And the crowd went wild...




Even the French can't get enough of him. Does that say what we think it says?


This comes after worry during the week that Sexton would receive the Parisian treatment that was thrust upon him back in 2014 and 2016.

But it seems that you simply can't keep a good man down.

Is there anything the boy can't do?