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26th Jun 2014

Jamie Carragher says Liverpool will sell Luis Suarez if they get a decent offer

The Sky Sports pundit believes the Chiellini incident could spell the end of the Uruguayan's spell at Anfield...

Joe Harrington

The Sky Sports pundit believes the Chiellini incident could spell the end of the Uruguayan’s spell at Anfield…

What Luis Suarez did on Tuesday night is still quite hard to believe. With the eyes of the world watching on, he did it again, he bit someone. This is the guy who picked up a 10 match ban for a similar incident just over a year ago and the same player who received a long ban for another biting incident in Holland a few years ago.

I think it’s fair to say we know a fair bit about Luis Suarez the footballer. We watched him week in, week out lighting up the Premier League over the last few seasons, he’s an incredible talent and we thought he’d put his wreckless side to bed.

Italy v Uruguay: Group D - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Jamie Carragher knows a lot more about Suarez than most as he played with the guy for two years and his links with Liverpool are still very strong, he’s written about the incident in the Daily Mail today and he’s as surprised as any of us.

Carragher said: “I still find the incident in Natal completely bizarre. I worked with Luis every day for two-and-a-half years at Liverpool and if you spent time in his company at Melwood, you would struggle to believe he was capable of such ridiculous moments.

“He’s a quiet lad, in the main. He’s not someone who squares up to people on the training ground if things don’t go his way and he’s not overly-aggressive or a bully. Yes, his desire to win is fierce but that is no different from a lot of top professionals.

“Luis will be distraught today. When he bit Branislav Ivanovic during a 2-2 draw with Chelsea in April 2013, in the days and weeks that followed you could see how much of an impact it had made on him. He was devastated, as was his wife, Sofia.

“Do not think, however, I am looking to defend him. I didn’t when he tangled with Ivanovic and I’m not changing my view. Luis’s actions have been disgraceful and it defies belief that he could behave as if he was in a playground once again after everything Liverpool have done for him.”

Liverpool v Queens Park Rangers - Premier League

The length of his ban should be confirmed later today but what about his future on Merseyside, Carragher feels we may never see Suarez wearing the famous red jersey again: “Now you get the feeling that Liverpool might actually be relieved if Barcelona or Real come in with a bid that triggers a move. If a lucrative offer arrives in the next few weeks, I am convinced Suarez will be playing his football somewhere else next season.

“He has been a magnificent player and that is why Liverpool supporters have staunchly stood by him but even they believe now that this latest controversy is something the club can do without.

“And the problem you have with Luis, for all his wonderful gifts, is that this episode is unlikely to be his last.”

Hat-tip to The Daily Mail.