Jim McGuinness steps down as Donegal manager 8 years ago

Jim McGuinness steps down as Donegal manager

After five years and one All-Ireland title, Jim McGuinness has stepped away from the Donegal scene.

Like so many of the tactics and results he produced over the years, Jim McGuinness departure came as a surprise. While many felt defeat to Kerry in the All-ireland final would see the end of his tenure, the timing, at 11.45pm on a Friday night, was out of the ordinary.


But so was his time in charge, re-energising Donegal from also-rans to champions in 2012, as well as his succesful spell in charge of the county's U21 teams. Add in three Ulster crowns with the seniors and you have a remarkable tally of success.

Here is the statment issued tonight.

Whoever replaces him has a massive pair of shoes to fill.