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24th Jul 2023

Joanne Cantwell puts Cian Lynch on the spot as she stands up for mothers everywhere

Patrick McCarry

Cian Lynch

 “We’ll see what she says!”

Cian Lynch was having a great gas with Joanne Cantwell, on The Sunday Game, as Limerick’s four-in-a-row success began to sink in.

Standing in for injured captain Declan Hannon, Lynch had another fine game and Limerick boss John Kiely praised him for doing ‘a phenomenal job’ taking up the leadership role, especially in a challenging year that saw five senior stars fall to injuries.

“We’re waiting to get the party started,” said Lynch. “Looking forward to it. John [Kiely] is ready to give us a few songs and get it all going. Can’t wait now.”

Cantwell aimed a playful jab at the stand-in Limerick captain wisely opting to leave off the pink baseball cap when he was up collecting the Liam Mac Carthy cup with injured skipper Declan Hannon. That remark sparked a back-and-forth on washing hurling gear and saw both Cantwell and Lynch in top form.

Joanne Cantwell

Joanne Cantwell slags Cian Lynch

Remarking that Cian Lynch was back wearing his baseball cap ‘but is wearing it the right way around this time’, Joanne Cantwell asked if the Patrick’s Well clubman still had the sliotar from the final.

“I don’t [have it with me]. It’s in the gear bag. So I said I’d hold onto that – a nice little keep-sake after the day. The mother, now, when she takes out the aul’ gear to wash it, she’ll find a nice little prize for her. So, looking forward to that!”

“Actually,” Cantwell cut in, “that reminds me, wash your own stuff, will ya!”

“Ah, leave her at it,” joked Lynch. “She’s been doing it years, and she loves doing it. Long may that last.”

Cantwell was not finished. “We’ll see what she says when you get home, later on,” she cautioned.

Cian Lynch on Declan Hannon

As a player that has battled back from an extremely serious injury, himself, Cian Lynch said it was “unbelievable” to be able to lift the cup with injured captain Declan Hannon by his side.

“It was a bit of a role reversal, from last year… when Declan grabbed me up to lift the cup, it was all my dreams come true. To walk up those steps with Declan, the leader he is. He’s our captain, our leader and a friend to us all. To have him there beside me was unbelievable.”

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