JOE v Ladbrokes Betting Challenge: World Cup edition 8 years ago

JOE v Ladbrokes Betting Challenge: World Cup edition

Ladbrokes' Hayley O'Connor kicked our asses over the course of the Premier League and she has continued in the same vein during the World Cup.....

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You might recall Hayley O'Connor's total destruction of us in our Premier League betting challenge and after Week 3 of the World Cup rematch, once again we are eating her dust as she streaks ahead of us in this challenge.

We went for Robben to score and a Dutch win and although the Dutch did win, Robben failed to score. Hayley on the other hand went with James Rodriguez to score and for Colombia to win against Uruguay and of course, that's exactly what happened.

Each week we are throwing €100 at our selections and we here in JOE have earned the grand total of zero, zilch, nada, absolutely nothing so far. Hayley on the other hand, has won in week two with a 6/4 win which earned her a profit of €150 and last week with a 11/4 win earning her a grand profit of €275. So in total, Hayley has made a profit of €425

We'll be honest, a bit of panic is starting to set in with us here in JOE, but we are determined to reel Hayley and her winning ways in!



James Rodriguez to score and Colombia to win, 11/4

Colombia have really impressed me so far in this tournament and a Luis Suarez-less Uruguay will be toothless. Sorry but I had to. Anyway, Uruguay have been sloppy enough in defence, conceding four goals so far and I firmly believe that Colombia will win this South American derby.

All that left me to work out was who would score. Colombia have been spreading the goals around so far, with Jackson Martinez nicking two, and James Rodriguez nabbing three. We're going for the latter to keep his form up on Saturday night.



Arjen Robben to score and Holland to win, 6/4

We are sticking with Arjen Robben. He let us down by having the temerity not to score against Mexico, but we feel he'll get his act together against Costa Rica.

Costa Rica are the fairytale story of the World Cup so far and have fully merited their first every appearance in the World Cup quarter-finals. We feel, however,  that this is where the dream ends and that the energy sapping win against Greece will prove to be their undoing against the Dutch. So, with that in mind, we expect the Netherlands to win.