JOE's favourite moments from Joe Rogan and other UFC commentators 8 years ago

JOE's favourite moments from Joe Rogan and other UFC commentators

Joe Rogan's unfortunately not going to be in Dublin this weekend, but that doesn't mean that we can't pay tribute to him and his fellow UFC commentators.

We've been struck by UFC fever this week and we simply cannot wait for Saturday night when we get to see Conor McGregor and the rest of the Irish contingent take to the Octagon. JOE, of course, has special interest in the event as we will be officially sponsoring the main man himself. Keep an eye out for our logo when watching McGregor in action; it'll be pretty hard to miss it.


UFC and MMA in general will always have a place in JOE’s heart and we love everything about it, from the vicious knockouts to the great sportsmanship shown by many of the fighters. But one of the things JOE loves most is the excited and passionate commentary that UFC commentators bring to the table.

Our namesake Joe Rogan is the best known UFC commentator in the circuit and he has brought us some thoroughly entertaining moments over the years, from his reaction to seeing hurling for the first time to his enthusiasm when witnessing an amazing knockout.

A thought struck us here in JOE Towers, seeing as Marty Morrissey has become such a cult figure in the GAA, what are some of the best moments caught on camera involving commentators in the UFC?

The list mostly consists of Joe Rogan but it’s only right that the great man dominates his scene…


Our first video shows Joe Rogan demonstrating his impressive Tae Kwon Do skills with this knock out at 1987 US Cup in Connecticut, USA...

In this next video, Joe Rogan shows former UFC welterweight champion George St Pierre how to do a spinning back kick. We love this because we find the thought of Marty Morrissey showing a GAA star how to do a skill to be ridiculous.

It must be said that Marty was famous in his playing days for his points off the outside of the boot. Perhaps RTE could look into a series about Marty teaching his skills to inter-county stars. We know we’d watch it…


Finally here is one that involves an actual UFC fight. Edson Barboza knocked out Terry Etim at UFC 142 with a spectacular head kick. To put it lightly, Joe Rogan was suitably impressed by the KO but what makes it even more amazing is Rogan was just discussing taking chances and risking getting 'KNOCKED OUT'.

And now to the first of our videos that doesn’t involve Joe Rogan. This clip comes from the now extinct Strikeforce Championship, where commentator Mauro Ranallo gets very excited during a fight between Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva and Daniel ‘DC’ Cormier.


Just have a listen to the video below because Ranallo’s commentary is very entertaining.

On a side note, Ranallo is visible in this hilarious clip where he tries in vain to get involved in an interview with Jake Shields. Is this one of the cringiest moments in sport?

Our last clip in the list is a Joe Rogan classic from when Tim Boetsch knocked out Yushin Okami in a come from behind victory. Rogan’s passion and enthusiasm make the moment a classic within the UFC.


Sorry about the poor quality video but just listen to co-commentator Rogan as Boetsch begins his comeback. We'll miss you this weekend Joe.