Jon Walters all but confirms the Stephen Ward Whatsapp story 5 years ago

Jon Walters all but confirms the Stephen Ward Whatsapp story

Was there ever any doubt?

Around a month ago, the Irish football team was going through what might have been their biggest scandal since Saipan.


And similar to Saipan, Roy Keane was at the heart of it.

A Whatsapp voice message that was sent by Ireland's left-back Stephen Ward was somehow leaked to the public, and then all hell broke loose.

The message told a story that accused Roy Keane of being involved in altercations with both Jonathon Walters and Harry Arter.

As you can imagine, things got heated...


Some people may have had their doubts as to whether the event ever took place, or whether Ward was being 100% honest with his account of the incident.

Well, Jon Walters has suggested that it was fairly spot on.

Walters was a guest on Sky Sports before Ireland's Nations League game against Denmark,

When was asked about the Whatsapp message, he all but confirmed that Ward was telling the truth...


Walters shed some light on the situation, saying: "Things go on in football. A lot of it the public don't get to see. Whatsapp has got a lot to answer for I think... It's come out and it's probably not far off what happened, but Harry's missed the last squad and that's caused an issue.

Walters did show his professionalism by remaining fairly quiet on the situation, saying:

"I was involved the last time around, and I made my own mind up. Harry made his own mind up. As I said, things go on and on the eve of two big games that we're going into now, if I bring a lot of it up again, it will stoke the flames and bring things up, it's probably not the best thing to go into."

He was then asked one last time if there was a story to tell, and he said: "Well I don't think the Whatsapp message was too far off, from my point of view."


We're fairly certain we haven't heard the end of this.