WATCH: Khabib Nurmagomedov sends Conor McGregor a message of genuine concern 2 years ago

WATCH: Khabib Nurmagomedov sends Conor McGregor a message of genuine concern

The contender had a lot to say about what has happened in the last few days.

"What a shitty week this is," Dana White starts off the press conference with.

It hasn't even been a week, Dana. McGregor only kicked off with #BusGate on Thursday evening, which was only two days ago!

Since then, McGregor has been arrested, his bail has been set, he may be found guilty of any number of felonies, and somewhere in the mix of all of that, Max Holloway was forced to drop out (having himself replaced an injured Tony Ferguson) due to the extreme weight loss needed to compete getting the better of him.

All of which may work out as good news for McGregor in the long run.

When they sat down for the press conference, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Holloway's replacement Al Iaqunita found that McGregor was still very much the centre of attention.

When asked about getting distracted by the fight by the events of the last few days, he said he was more concerned about people talking about him, saying negative things because he didn't leave the bus when taunted by McGregor. He wants Conor to know that he is still 100% up for ... sorting out their differences:

"Send me a location. I'm going to come. Wherever you want. Ireland, New York, Brooklyn or Moscow. It doesn't matter. Tell me where!"

And when asked if he had anything specifically he'd like to say to McGregor, he seemed to drop any pretences for a moment to show genuine concern, before going back to his original message:

"To be honest, I hope he is going to fix his problems. And me and him will have to fix our problem. Inside the cage or outside, it doesn't matter. We have to fix this. Thank you."

The questions about McGregor and all of the events surrounding the last few days kick off around the 11:20 mark:

Clip via UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship