VIDEO: Concern for Shane McMahon following his latest death defying stunt 5 years ago

VIDEO: Concern for Shane McMahon following his latest death defying stunt

Shane McMahon, we appreciate your bravery but you need to stop doing this.

His father has always been lauded for his willingness to give absolutely everything for the WWE cause and Vince McMahon has regularly left the ring a bloody mess, all in the name of delivering the best possible show for the fans.


But if Mr. McMahon is brave, a whole new superlative is required for his son.

We learned years ago that Shane McMahon is not afraid of heights. We've seen him leap 40 plus feet from the steel titantron on more than one occasion, while his signature move involves a jump from the top rope, across the ring, and into a trash can which is propped against his opponent.

Shane-O-Mac has absolutely no problem putting his body on the line but, at 47 years of age, the time might have come for a bit more caution.

On Sunday night, McMahon took part in a Hell in a Cell Match against Kevin Owens, where falls counted anywhere, and he pulled off a death-defying leap that would make Mick Foley wince.


With Owens prone on the announce table, McMahon took an incredible dive from the top of the cell and went crashing through it to the ground below after Owens was pulled to safety.

Sure, there were mats underneath but the way that he bounced upon impact resulted in a sense of 'enough is enough' among viewers.


A WWE statement on McMahon's condition reads as follows:

"SmackDown LIVE Commissioner Shane McMahon has been taken to a local medical facility after leaping from the top of Hell in a Cell and crashing through an announce table during his brutal Falls Count Anywhere Hell in a Cell Match against Kevin Owens.

"A preliminary report has determined that Shane may be dealing with multiple injuries, including neck trauma, fractured ribs and a dislocated shoulder.

"While nothing has been confirmed at this time, will continue to monitor Shane’s condition."

And while fans clearly love nothing more than sights of hardcore action like above, which have become a rarity in the modern landscape of professional wrestling, most urged McMahon to put such stunts behind him.