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25th Jul 2023

Limerick hurlers go full demented to ‘their tune’ at glorious homecoming

Niall McIntyre


‘Soooo what do you want to know, and I’ll tell you the God’s honest truth’

‘Well what did you hear last night, would I ever lie to youuu?’

It’s not unusual for a team to have their own quirks and routines and the Limerick hurlers have many of them. The ice-cream on championship week is one and having their own play-list is another.

John Kiely admitted last week that the team rarely let him near the tunes, and often slag him about his taste in music. But there is one song that, between the players and the manager, they share a common love for.

And that’s ‘What do you want to know’ by Donegal singer Michael Maloney. Released as his debut single in 2019, the song became a huge hit for him and has by now accumulated over 5 million streams on Spotify.

If there’s a meaning behind the song, it’s that it rips into the folly of gossiping and spreading rumours.

‘Having strong opinions based on nothing at all, except they heard it from a mighty smart man who knows it all…’

The same tune magically came on over the Croke Park tannoys just as John Kiely was about to lift the cup last Sunday in Croke Park and, speaking afterwards, that’s what he blamed for the jig he danced on the steps of the Hogan Stand.

“What ye don’t realise is that the tune that came on is one of our tunes in the dressing room,” Kiely said in an interview with Joanne Cantwell on The Sunday Game.

“And when it goes off in our dressing room, we go off with it, so when it went off in Croke Park, I just went off with it!

“So it didn’t matter if there was nobody in the stadium, that was always going to happen!

“Look it was a bit of a release valve as well,” added Kiely, “at the same time, it was great to go up with my two girls.

“It’s been a challenging year but we’ve withstood every challenge. And I’m just really proud and thrilled for the lads, that’s my biggest emotion.”

Well Kiely was jigging and dancing again on Monday night, along with the whole Limerick team, when their man Michael Maloney landed down at the Limerick homecoming to rip out a rousing rendition of his famous tune.

‘I couldn’t get over that, he didn’t lick that off the grass, But you never heard that from me That’s the way it’s always going to be.’

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