'Liverpool are probably going to sell Divock Origi in the summer and that's the right thing to do' 4 years ago

'Liverpool are probably going to sell Divock Origi in the summer and that's the right thing to do'

Right now, it seems like Divock Origi's world.

Divock Origi


The rest of us just live in it. Divock Origi scored the second goal in the Champions League final in Madrid on Saturday night. After Mo Salah's early penalty, Liverpool went into their shell.

Tottenham completed twice as many passes and had more possession. Alisson Becker kept Liverpool in the game and the forwards struggled. Roberto Firmino, who wasn't fully fit, was taken off. Divock Origi came on. Origi's first goal of the season was at Anfield in the Merseyside Derby last December. It was a freak goal which he may not have known a lot about. He scored only twice more until May and then came a decisive goal against Newcastle and two against Barcelona in one of Anfield's greatest nights.

And now there is this. A cool, ruthless finish which was far superior than anything his more celebrated team-mates managed. It ensured Liverpool won their sixth European Cup. So all is looking good for Origi at Liverpool? It's his world and we just live in it, right?


Well, on the Football Spin, Tony Evans and Dion Fanning argue that the time is right to sell Origi. There will never be a better time, maybe even on Saturday night, to maximise the price.

"It will never get any better for Divock Origi, Liverpool should sell him now," Dion Fanning insisted. "Someone will pay 150 million pounds for him tonight. Liverpool should take the money, he'll miss the open top bus parade, but they should take the money now."

It was a viewpoint Evans was on board with.

"Yeah, completely," Evans agreed. "In the old days, there was no sentimentality. Get him out the door, maximum money. They'll sell him in the summer anyway, they'll probably sell him anyway and that's the right thing to do. We'll always love him, good luck for the rest of your life and we'll always thank you."


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