Mack Hansen roasts Johnny Sexton with jersey at Ireland v Italy 2 weeks ago

Mack Hansen roasts Johnny Sexton with jersey at Ireland v Italy

Even when he's not playing he's the centre of attention.

It's been a great two weeks for Ireland fans with a monster win over France in the opening game and a brutal destruction of Italy yesterday afternoon.


But there's just one thing missing: Mack Hansen.

Despite only being in the Irish national team for the last two years, Mack Hansen has cemented himself as an exceptional talent and a complete legend off the field too.

During yesterday's 36-0 win over the Italians, Hansen wasn't on the field of play but was watching in the stands alongside teammates Ross Byrne and Jimmy O’Brien.


But as ever, Hansen wasn't happy enough just watching the game like a normal fan, but instead saw the opportunity to roast Johnny Sexton and took it.

He was caught on camera wearing the jersey.


Pictured sitting in the stands, Hansen wore a retro-style Ireland jersey with Sexton's name on the back. The number on the jersey, however, wasn't Sextons typical number 10 but instead, 69.

Speaking after the match about Mack Hansen, and his replacement in the team Calvin Nash, Brian O’Driscoll said on ITV: "I really am excited by him. Mack Hansen has been a huge loss for Ireland, no doubt. Mack has really put himself in a position as a guaranteed starter but, for me, there is a genuine spark when Nash runs with the ball. He runs with such intent.

"To be honest, he would have been frustrated that he didn’t get more ball or more access – maybe he has to go looking for it a bit more – but he got his try, right at the death."

At least Mack's still having fun.


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