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08th Jan 2018

Manchester United’s 2018/19 home kit looks a bit… different



We know there’s a revival of all things 1980s, from the cultural phenomenon that is Stranger Things, to the popularity of synth music with decidedly retro stylings. But let’s have it right, the eighties really were the decade that fashion forgot.

Everything was brash, in your face, and completely lacking in any sense of subtlety. So, of course, Manchester United are going to borrow the look and feel of the Ron Atkinson years to inform the look of their home kit for next season.

Image result for ashes to ashes tv

Just before Christmas, we brought you the news that United had unveiled a brand new home kit via their Twitter account, although, in fairness, that monstrosity was purely to be worn virtually on FIFA.

But the next real life version is possibly even worse. Taking the very eighties style of black and red together in a gradient of increasingly thick stripes – like your dad’s old office wallpaper – they’ve gone full Duran Duran with the 2018/19 vintage.

We have known for some time that the kit will feature a lot more black than is usually the case, and will pay tribute to the ‘the railway men that formed the club’.

Image result for black and red train

Footy Headlines, who are always shit hot at the latest new kits/rumours, have shared some images of how the new kit is expected to look, courtesy of designer Franco Carabajal. As you can see it’s decidedly retro in the wrong ways…