WATCH: Martin O’Neill walks out on frank post-match interview with Tony O’Donoghue 7 months ago

WATCH: Martin O’Neill walks out on frank post-match interview with Tony O’Donoghue

To be fair to O’Neill, he did say ‘thank you’ before he left.

Tony O’Donoghue’s post-match interviews with Martin O’Neill haven’t been exactly cordial throughout this qualifying campaign and tonight’s was no different.

O’Neill was understandably downbeat following the shock 5-1 defeat to Denmark at the Aviva Stadium, but O’Donoghue didn’t hold back in his line of questioning after the game.

O’Donoghue started by asking a couple of questions about the game, the mood in the dressing room and the manner of some of the goals conceded on the night, but it was after that that it turned a little awkward.

O’Donoghue raised the point that Ireland’s campaign turned somewhat sour when at one stage, Ireland were on ten points after four games. He also mentioned specific results along the way which he suggested had cost Ireland a place at the World Cup.

In what was an uncomfortable exchange in which O’Neill twice implored O’Donoghue to “let me finish”, the Ireland manager defended his record and his players before saying “thank you” and walking out before O’Donoghue had a chance to ask another question.


In the immediate aftermath of the interview, O’Neill’s response to O’Donoghue’s line of questioning was defended by the RTÉ panel, who felt that the approach was a little harsh so soon after such a galling defeat.

We’ll let you make your own mind up after watching the interview below.


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