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27th Aug 2017

WATCH: “Anyone wants a knock, give me a shout.” Conor McGregor’s post fight interview was hilarious

"No one’s taking these type of risks, so fuck it, lay into me all yiz want."

Conor Heneghan

McGregor interview

Rarely has a man that’s just been defeated looked in such an upbeat mood.

One could point to the fact, of course, that the ridiculous amount of money he will make from the fight will provide plenty of consolation in defeat, but McGregor was in sparkling form only minutes after Floyd Mayweather emerged victorious after a tenth round stoppage.

Asked if he’d like to box again after a fight in which he earned plenty of respect, the Notorious replied: “We’ll see what happens, I don’t know. I have two titles to defend, I don’t know. I’m having a buzz floating around, anyone wants a knock, give me a shout.”

Pressed on whether he’ll return to the UFC, McGregor replied: “Of course.”

“The game changes every time,” McGregor said when asked about returning to a sport where the purses are traditionally much smaller than boxing.

“We grow and we see what’s what. But whatever, I thought it was close, I thought I had him in the early rounds, I thought I was getting in the middle towards the end. Where was the final two rounds? Let me wobble back to my corner. Let me try and recompose myself. You know what I mean? You’ve got to put me out.

“I’m brand new, I’m clear-spoken, there’s not a bother on me so I don’t know what way to feel to be honest. I’m just happy, I’m draped in the flag, happy I was able to bring my team along, the country with me and just getting to perform for a different crowd.

“No one’s taking these type of risks, so fuck it, lay into me all yiz want, I’ll take it on the chin, I’ll take it wrapped around the neck on live TV, I took them both so it’s another day for me.”

Check out the interview in full below.