Nate Diaz has taken an interesting view on Conor McGregor's bus attack 3 years ago

Nate Diaz has taken an interesting view on Conor McGregor's bus attack

Nate Diaz has always been one to do things a little differently.

The fact that Diaz didn't pounce on his newly-established superstar status following his pair of fights against Conor McGregor in 2016 is proof that the Stockton lightweight has a unique perspective on fighting.


Most fighters would have struck while the iron was hot and kept the millions rolling in while his cachet was at its highest but Diaz is different and he's not accepted a bout in almost two years now.

Perhaps Diaz is holding out for a trilogy fight with 'The Notorious' and he certainly had an interesting take on McGregor's ill-advised Barclays Centre melee on Thursday.

McGregor managed to sneak into the Brooklyn venue, got to the loading dock where buses were gathered to transport UFC 223's fighters back to the hotel and began recklessly attacking the bus which held Russian rival Khabib Nurmagomedov.

It's understood that an altercation earlier this week between Nurmagomedov and McGregor's training partner, Artem Lobov, is what sparked the Irishman's pursuit of vengeance.

Nurmagomedov escaped unscathed, while Michael Chiesa sustained cuts to his face in the incident and Lobov was pulled from the card for his role.


And Diaz has claimed that Nurmagomedov was to blame for the entire situation as it was he who cornered Lobov in the fighter hotel just a few days ago.

After claiming that Nurmagomedov should've expected revenge, Diaz then proudly boasted about his success against both McGregor and 'The Eagle'.

While most fans will be aware of Diaz's shock submission of McGregor at UFC 196 and the war that followed at UFC 202, some may not know that Diaz and his brother engaged in a brawl with Nurmagomedov at a World Series of Fighting event in Las Vegas.