Nevada Athletic Commission says Conor McGregor was only fined $75k for bottle throwing incident 6 years ago

Nevada Athletic Commission says Conor McGregor was only fined $75k for bottle throwing incident

They're backtracking very quickly...

It seems that Conor McGregor will be getting fined far less than originally thought according to the Nevada Athletic Commission executive director Bob Bennett.


Originally, he was thought to have been fined $150,000 for his part in the bottle throwing incident during a UFC 202 press conference with Nate Diaz.

McGregor was furious at the news and immediately stated his desire not to fight again in Las Vegas for a very long time.

He also issued a come and get it statement about the fine to the NAC during a recent interview.

However, Bob Bennett has told MMA Fighting that the initial figure of $150,000 was misinterpreted by the media and the actual sum of the fine is $75,000. The other $75,000 was determined to be the value of the public service announcement McGregor must do for the commission.


McGregor was also ordered to complete 50 hours of community service as part of his punishment.

Bennett also confessed himself disappointed at McGregor's comments about not wanting to fight again in Vegas any time soon.

"I understand that he's upset," Bennett said. "I understand that he commands a phenomenal following and paydays and he's a world-renowned champ. I get that he's frustrated — $75,000 is a lot of money. But I think the remark is inappropriate. In fairness to Conor — and I say this with the utmost respect — I just don't think he understands how the system works when he's fined."

If McGregor fails to pay the fine, there's a chance that he may not be licensed by the New York Athletic Commission for his fight with Eddie Alvarez.


Although this scenario seems unlikely at the moment and the UFC 205 event will most likely go ahead as planned.