On Bill O’Herlihy’s 75th birthday, here are five of his best moments 8 years ago

On Bill O’Herlihy’s 75th birthday, here are five of his best moments

The RTE football panel are often given kudos for their stimulating and highly entertaining debates and Billo is the glue that holds them all together. On his 75th birthday, here are some of his best moments.

Billo is far more than just a football presenter, of course. He has had a distinguished career as a journalist, was as capable broadcasting about current affairs as he is about sport and is the founder of a successful public relations company, but it is as the leading presenter of Irish football for which he is most well-known.


Here are some of his finest moments over the years.

Informing viewers that Alf will be cancelled during coverage of Italia ‘90

‘You are Alf Bill.’

Analysing the Aprés Match team at the 2010 World Cup

‘They never take me off properly, I don’t have a Cork accent at all.’


Bill goes toe to toe with Liam after an uninspiring victory over Macedonia during the Euro 2012 Qualifiers

‘Ah rubbish Liam, that’s nonsense. It doesn’t suit your argument therefore it’s below the belt.’

Bill exudes confidence ahead of Ireland’s game against Croatia at Euro 2012

‘Excuse my laughing.’


And, it’s not sport but… Billo’s appearance on Naked Camera

‘This is completely unprofessional on your part. I’m. In. A. Hurry.’