Paddy Power to hand out 10,000 bottles of ‘The Cure’ to punters at the Galway Races 4 years ago

Paddy Power to hand out 10,000 bottles of ‘The Cure’ to punters at the Galway Races

The Galway Races, after all, is a marathon, not a sprint.

The Galway Races, one of the highlights of the summer calendar, is in full swing this week, with thousands of punters descending on Ballybrit to take in some racing, enjoy the atmosphere and hopefully make a few quid while they’re at it.


Plenty of those in attendance will be wetting their whistle with a beverage or two while at the races and with that in mind, Irish bookmaker Paddy Power will hand out over 10,000 bottles of ‘The Cure’ in a bid to ensure punters stay on the straight and narrow throughout the festival.

With water restrictions still in full flow at the height of one of the hottest Irish summers in memory, the betting firm will step in to ensure punters attending the seven-day racing bonanza remain fully hydrated in the middle of the worst drought in decades.

10,000 bottles of 500ml water, with labels reading ‘The Cure’, will be dispensed to those in attendance, which will come in particularly handy when temperatures are set to soar over the weekend.


“With close to 150,000 revellers set to hit Ballybrit this week, it will come as no surprise that plenty of over-excited punters who burn the candle at both ends in Galway city after racing often faceplant at the first hurdle after a big night out early in the week,” a Paddy Power spokesperson said.

“So to quote someone far wiser than us, the key to survival at Galway is to remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. And we wanted to do our bit to make sure punters stay the distance and enjoy what will be a fantastic weeks racing at Ballybrit.”