It looks like the August Bank Holiday will be a scorcher 5 years ago

It looks like the August Bank Holiday will be a scorcher

The perfect time for it.

We've been spoiled by two months of pure heatwave weather, so Ireland is reeling a little bit now from the dose of rain we've had over the past weekend.


Sadly, according to Met Éireann, it looks like the showers might continue for the next week.

But all of that is set to change once the weekend hits, and in particular by Bank Holiday Monday (which falls on August 6).

According to weather service, Carlow Weather, "The latest charts show up to 28c for Bank Holiday Sunday with 26c to 27c possible for Carlow. These charts will chop and change over the coming days but it is looking likely we will see a warm and settled Bank Holiday."


But until then, we will have to endure some showers.

"In the short term we have some showers for the next few days but some good sunny spells tomorrow with just the odd shower and temps around 19c to 20c in strong southwest breeze.

"Tuesday will be see more cloud and drizzle with light showers, around 19c and strong breeze.


"Wednesday will be cloudy with a risk of some heavier showers especially Wednesday night, around 20c and strong breeze."