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02nd Feb 2015

Pic: An office in Newry is taking this Transfer Deadline Day craic to the next level

Jim White would be proud

Joe Harrington

There’s more action here than the Sky Sports studios.

Transfer Deadline Day is here, so sit back and watch Sky Sports somehow fill 24 hours of coverage with stories about Carlton Cole, Danny Graham and Harry Redknapp’s car window.

The day has been pretty quiet so far, but that hasn’t dampened spirits in the offices of Teleperformance in Newry.

The guys and gals working there are embracing the day by dressing up in Jim White’s traditional Transfer Deadline Day uniform.

Newry SSN

The crew there are keeping a close eye on all the action on a big screen.

Newry SSN3

And they’re also recreating the traditional Harry and the reporter car window scene at every opportunity.

Newry SSN2

Let’s hope there aren’t any random purple dildos lying around the office…


Hat-tip to Cathal Rooney who sent this into us.