Pic: England's new alternate rugby jersey gets a 'Where's Wally' makeover 9 years ago

Pic: England's new alternate rugby jersey gets a 'Where's Wally' makeover

England have previous when it comes to questionable rugby kits and their latest alternate jersey is cut from the same Canterbury cloth.

Many will recoil in horror when we think of the England 7s jersey that was unveiled six months ago and while this jersey isn’t nearly as bad, we have seen better. And the photoshoot is from the upstanding gentleman genre.


The ‘1871’ collection was rolled out alongside the new alternate jersey that will be worn over the coming season and it seems to us that ‘Where’s Wally’ may have been the inspiration used behind the design.

The big names were rolled out – literally in the case of Richard Wigglesworth’s case – to showcase the collection which is inspired by the iconic ‘The Battle of the Roses: Yorkshire v Lancashire’ painting from the late 19th century, with Richard representing Lancashire.


“The traditional red and white colours are brought together in the form of stripes, worn by the teams of the era, whilst drawing emphasis to the red rose, the traditional emblem of Lancashire,” we are told.


We can’t say we’re bowled over by it and the main image of Ben Morgan and Danny Care dressed in braces and shorts is of an acquired taste to say the least.

We’d like to see Puma suggest something similar to Paul O’Connell or Brian O’Driscoll.