PIC: Jon Walters has responded to *those* comments from Wayne Rooney 6 years ago

PIC: Jon Walters has responded to *those* comments from Wayne Rooney

We don't believe a word of it, Jon is the perfect gentleman on the field as far as we're concerned.

In a recent interview with a number of papers in England, Wayne Rooney was asked if any opposition players engaged in sledging on the pitch.


Surprisingly, he mentioned our own Jon Walters in the same bracket as former Welsh striker Craig Bellamy as two the more likely culprits.

“In all the games I’ve played over the years in the Premier League, there’s not been much, probably Craig Bellamy the only one,” Rooney said.

“Jon Walters a bit. They are the only two who try to speak to players and try to intimidate players. I can’t recall anyone else doing it."

It looks like Walters was as shocked at the remarks as anyone as he took to social media to dispute the English captain's claim...


In true wind up merchant style, Jon takes a pop at rumours of Wayne Rooney's botox treatment, hence the patch on Walters forehead.

We believe Jon though, we don't think he's capable of any form of intimidation... well except with his arse, which scared the sh*t out of the Germans when they visited the Aviva Stadium.

In other news for Ireland, Jon Walters is expected to miss Saturday's clash with Belgium through injury.

But that will not dampen the spirits of Irish fans, who were in high spirits over the last week, and continue to exude good craic.


Just ask the Croatian fans last weekend.

Video via vitoldvidic's channel