Pic: Lovely poster summing up Brian O’Driscoll’s wonderful career in numbers 7 years ago

Pic: Lovely poster summing up Brian O’Driscoll’s wonderful career in numbers

A testimonial dinner is being held in honour of Brian O’Driscoll in Dublin this evening and to mark the occasion, digital agency Brando have come up with a lovely poster summing up his career in numbers.

The great and the good of the rugby world and more special guests will pay tribute to Ireland’s greatest ever rugby player in Dublin this evening ahead of what will be Brian’s last ever November series in a green jersey this month. Or so he tells us at least; we won’t accept that he’s actually retiring until it’s set in stone.


Although he’s far from finished yet, he’s enjoyed a wonderful career with both province and country to date and on the day of his testimonial, Brando, an Integrated Digital Agency who have worked with O’Driscoll on numerous occasions in the past, have produced a lovely poster summing his international career in numbers.


We’re sure most of the numbers make sense but if any of them are causing confusion, Brando have also provided explanation for every detail included on the poster, which you can refer to below.

All the best on your big night Brian, look after that fragile calf of yours and don’t go too hard on the sauce, there are a few very big games ahead.

20.06.99: First cap Vs. Australia.

Un. Deux. Trois: At the age of 21 Brian announces himself on the world stage. His hat trick against France meant Ireland beat France in Paris for the first time in twenty-eight years.

The Gabba: In 2001 Brian toured Australia with the British & Irish Lions. In the first test in the Brisbane Cricket Ground, more affectionately known as ‘The Gabba’, O’Driscoll scored one of the greatest tries in Lions’ history.


The Blonde: The famous blonde locks of BOD. Love them or loathe them, we all definitely remember them.

The Captain: O’Driscoll took over the Irish captaincy from Keith Wood in 2003 and help it until the last RBS Six Nations championship.

Croke Park: Although many battles were fought at the old Lansdowne and many more have been fought at the new Lansdowne, perhaps the most significant Irish victory in recent years and in Brian’s career was won in the home of Irish sport, Croke Park.

In only their second game in Croker, Ireland led by Brian, played England in the 2007 RBS Six Nations Championship, emotions were high – but so were standards. Ireland smashed England 43-13, they knew what they could do with their chariot that day.

Eden Park: In 2011 Ireland found themselves on the other side of the world, New Zealand, about to face the mighty Wallabies. Nothing was expected of them, nobody gave them a chance (What was that Phil Kearns?). In one of the greatest Irish victories of all-time, a Brian O’Driscoll inspired Ireland beat Australia 15-6. Eden Park rocked that night; it’ll be a long time before we top that one.


93KG: Or for our American brothers, 210lbs.

5’10”: “Jaysus, he’s not that big.” If he had a cent for every time he heard that, well, he’d probably only have the guts of a tenner, but still, that’s a lot of times.

85,000 names: Our 2009 O2 ‘Be The Difference’ campaign allowed fans to get closer to the players, by actually being in the fibres of the jersey. Over 85,000 names were submitted, and it would be fair to say 99% were praying to BOD they’d be on the number thirteen jersey.

The Tomato/The Fruit Salad: In 2009, when quizzed about the then England manager Martin Johnson, Brian replied: “Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.” Needless to say this has now gone down in rugby folklore as the greatest ever press conference response. Eric Cantona eat your heart out.


One Grand Slam: The country had waited 61 years for this moment and Brian had arguably dragged us to Cardiff single handedly. His performance against England in week three epitomised the man; knocked out twice, his drop goal and one metre try earned us the much needed win.

Three weeks later Captain Marvel was at it again. 6 – 0 down at half time, it was O’Driscoll who scored two minutes into the first half and well, you know the rest.

125 caps: 2nd record caps holder for Ireland. Ronan O’Gara leads the way with 128.

46 tries: Not only is Brian the leading Irish try scorer, but he has scored approximately 46 international tries more than us.


5 drop goals: Not many but they all count. Remember England ’09?

1 Cannes Lion: Bet you didn’t know Brian has a Cannes Lion to his name. Well he does, as part of our O2 ‘Be the Difference’ 2009 campaign.

4 World cups: England 1999: Australia 2003; France 2007; New Zealand 2011.

4 Lions Tours: Australia 2001; New Zealand (Captain) 2005; South Africa 2009; Australia (series Winner) 2013.

No.945: R.B. Walkington was the first man to wear the green, James Downey was the 1054th and latest to get capped. So that’s right, you’ve guessed it – BOD is number nine four five.

13: The only number that matters.