Pic: Possibly the coolest back garden GAA pitch ever… 8 years ago

Pic: Possibly the coolest back garden GAA pitch ever…

We all dreamt of having our very own GAA pitch out in the garden back in the day, but this lad actually had one...

JOE reader, Ronan O’Brien, recently sent us in this picture of his back garden in Carlow circa 1997 and as you’ll see it features a scaled down version of a full GAA pitch. We’re not jealous… Nope, not at all.



It’s quite possibly the best back garden GAA pitch we’ve ever seen and while the pic was taken a few years ago we think it’s still pretty cool.

Speaking to JOE, Ronan told us that his dad Turlough used to mark out the pitch whenever it was one of the kid’s birthdays.

When asked if they have any plans to mark out the pitch for old time’s sake, Ronan said: “I’ll have to see if my dad will be still up for marking it out. I’m sure he has more time on his hands since he stopped managing the Éire Óg seniors! I’ll pressure him into doing it and compare the photos!”


If you have your own GAA pitch marked out in the back garden make sure to send it in to us on Facebook or Twitter.

Hat tip to Ronan for sending the pic in via Facebook.