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02nd Feb 2015

Pic: That’s Gas! The sneakiest way to follow Transfer Deadline Day while you’re at work

This is genius

Joe Harrington

Where have you been all our life?

It’s not exactly hitting the heights of the Fernando Torres/Andy Carroll drama, but Transfer Deadline Day is ticking along nicely.

Robert Huth to Leicester is about as glamorous as it’s been so far. Yeah.


Despite the low-key start to the day, the interest in Transfer Deadline Day is still massive.

The problem for a lot of people is that they actually have to work and cannot be seen watching it or following it on Twitter.

That’s why this crafty new tool might be the answer to your prayers today. Look at this spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet TDD

That looks like a normal excel spreadsheet that you’d work on at your computer… now look a little bit closer.

Spreadsheet TDD

It’s a Transfer Deadline Day Twitter feed disguised a an excel spreadsheet.

It’s absolutely genius and you can open it by clicking on