PIC: This heartwarming story about a young GAA fan and an All-Ireland ticket will make your day 6 years ago

PIC: This heartwarming story about a young GAA fan and an All-Ireland ticket will make your day

There's some great people in the world...

Tickets for tomorrow's All-Ireland-Final are like gold dust and fans from both counties as well as a host of neutrals are clambering to get their hands on the precious objects.


But unfortunately, some fans will be left disappointed, it's unavoidable when the demand for tickets exceeds the allocation for the stadium.

For six-year-old super fan David Barrett from Mayo, it looked for all money like he would be one of those left watching from the outside as his beloved Mayo took on Dublin.

David has been at all the Mayo games this year, apart from the drawn final two weeks ago (which he didn't have a ticket for), and was disconsolate about the fact he wouldn't be able to attend the final.

His mother Maria had to remove a poster of Aidan O'Shea from his room because he was so upset.


But while her husband was having a pint at their local watering hole called Mulvihill's, and telling the barman about the disappointing news of not being able to secure a ticket for little David, a man at the other end of the bar overheard their conversation.

Introducing himself as Conor, he proceeded to join the conversation and they talked about any number of things from football to the price of milk. A short while later as he got up to leave he asked: "Your son's name is David, right?"

Then, two days ago a letter arrived into Mulvihill's addressed to "Master David Barrett, Mayo's biggest fan." Inside was a ticket to tomorrow's match.

Conor's mother Maria got in touch with us here in JOE to show her appreciation to the stranger named Conor who supplied her son with a match ticket.


"I just want to let Conor know, if he ever sees this, that his kindness will never be forgotten," Maria said.

"Little Davey wrote him a letter!"

Below is David's letter of thanks to the mystery man named Conor, who showed that not all heroes wear capes...