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09th Mar 2017

PICS: The knee injury Brian O’Driscoll picked up skiing will make you squirm uncomfortably

Patrick McCarry

Brian O'Driscoll

“I’m looking forward to guaranteeing I can go skiing later in the winter. I’ll definitely be there.”

So said Brian O’Driscoll after he finally hung up his rugby boots in 2014.

The Leinster, Ireland and Lions legend was never allowed to go play 5-a-side footy or head off on ski trips with friends or family.

It takes enough convincing of insurance crowds to cover you to run head-long into 19-stone French props. Telling them you want to hurtle down mountain-sides on two skis is often a bridge too far.

One can see why many companies, and coaches, would be reluctant to see rugby players head off skiing or snowboarding.

Case in point is surely O’Driscoll’s nasty knee gash he picked up on a skiing jaunt this week. Ireland’s record tryscorer shared these grim-looking pictures of his latest sporting scrape.

That will take a stiff Aprés-ski drink or two to help numb the pain.