Picture: Guy wins a bet and gets Andy Murray's face tattoed on his arse 10 years ago

Picture: Guy wins a bet and gets Andy Murray's face tattoed on his arse

Andy Murray winning Wimbledon has proved to be a real pain in the arse for one particular fan this week

Andy Murray winning Wimbledon has given Will Hirons quite a literal pain in the arse. The reason being that he had a small bet with his mates the Scot proud British man would beat Djokovic, although his friends didn't believe that he had a chance, according to what he told BreakingNews.ie.


As we all know now, that did of course come to pass, and being a man of his word, he stuck to his end of the bet, which was to get Andy Murray tattooed on his arse if he won.

The pictorial evidence that this was for real surfaced when Will tweeted the man himself after the deed was done, to ask for a cheeky retweet of his now permanently altered backside, with a very happy looking tattoo artist in the shot too.


Having lost the bet (thats right, Will won and the arse tattoo was the prize) his mates now have to get Will's name tattooed on their rear ends for posterior-ity (sorry). We're all for having the crack, but that sounds like a seriously bum deal for the winner and the loser of the bet.

Will wasn't the only one getting Andy Murray related tattoos though, but this effort seems slightly underwhelming as a result of the fairly magnificent arse-based one we've just seen.

We're sure Andy's thrilled to see all of these tributes to him, when we were growing up we certainly dreamed that one day someone would tattoo our face on their arse and our initials on their toe. Don't fly too close to the sun Icarus, lest the wax on your wings should melt away...


Hat-tip to Trevor Swanton and Breakingnews.ie