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24th Feb 2024

Pro golfer says amateur who ‘mansplained’ how to swing to her was ‘right in what he said’

Charlie Herbert

‘Excuse me, you shouldn’t be doing that’

A female pro golfer who had her swing ‘mansplained’ to her by an amateur has said his advice was “right.”

Georgia Ball went viral on TikTok after sharing a clip of her at a driving range on her page @georgiagolfcoach.

However, whilst she was practising her swing, a man off camera butted in: “Excuse me, what you’re doing there, you shouldn’t be doing that… swing and follow through.”

The stranger then told Ball she was “too slow on the way up.”

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When the professional tells the man she is going through a “swing change,” he replies: “I know, but what you’re doing there is you’re coming back too slow.

“I’ve been playing golf for 20 years, what you need to do is follow through a lot quicker than what you’re doing there right now.”

Ball once again explains that she is changing her swing, but the man is having none of it, reiterating that she needs to move her club quicker.

As she then promptly nails the ball into the distance, the man tells her: “See how much better that was?”

The man says she should take on board his advice, with Ball then simply laughing and responding: “Thanks for your advice!”

Since it was shared by the golfer, the clips has been viewed 11 million times and racked up more than 740,000 likes.

Ball uploaded the video a couple of days ago, and has said the reaction has been “crazy.”

Speaking to the BBC about the man’s unsolicited advice, she said: “I wouldn’t interrupt and say that. I suppose it’s just the humble side of me.”

But she said the man was “right in what he said” about her swing, even if he didn’t go about it in the best way.

The video struck a chord with thousands of other women who had their own experiences of ‘mansplaining‘ and Ball said the reaction had been “crazy” but “so positive.”

She continued: “All the support, the comments, the messages, it’s just been so good.

“And I’m just so grateful for everything that’s come through.”

She added that she has rarely been the victim of ‘mansplaining’, and had “mostly always positive encounters” with lots of men and women every day.

Although she admitted the situation had been “awkward” at the time, she said she can “look back at it now and laugh because the majority of people and golfers are all just out to help each other.

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