Richard Keys compares his Sky exit to David Moyes’ time at Manchester United in bizarre blog about Steven Gerrard 8 years ago

Richard Keys compares his Sky exit to David Moyes’ time at Manchester United in bizarre blog about Steven Gerrard

And we don’t think he means this as ‘banter’ either.

If you’re not following the blog posts of former Sky presenter Richard Keys, you really are missing out.


The man with the hairiest hands in television (level six on the Father Ted scale) appears to be really enjoying life as a presenter with Qatari-based beIN sports and, if his blogs are to be believed at least his life is full of fun and ‘banter’. Always about the banter.

It should also be pointed out that he has a tendency to come out with some scarcely believable guff in said blog posts, as he has done in his most recent one about Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard.

Starting off the blog with his belief that Gerrard should leave Liverpool, Keys goes on to state his belief that “Rodgers has started the process of squeezing him out”.

He then went on to mention how David Moyes was affected by the presence of big characters while at Manchester United and how it was reminiscent of his own situation at Sky shortly after Andy Gray’s controversial exit.


Just have a gawk at these few paragraphs (you can read the blog in full here):

“In November Gerrard made 4 starts in the P Lge and got on for 22 mins v MadrId. Tired? No chance. I suspect Rodgers has started the process of squeezing him out, whatever his protests. With Gerrard gone and Carragher already retired Anfield becomes 'his'

“David Moyes would've loved to have gone in at United last season with the same formula - all the big guns out of the way. Van Gall (sic) will have been delighted to have seen the back of Mssrs Vidic Ferdinand and Evra. All warriors in their time but all a pest for Moyes, constantly sniping and making life difficult.

“It happened to me. And was one of the reasons I decided to leave Sky. Once they'd sacked Andy I sensed which way the wind was blowing and got out of my own accord. I didn't fancy hanging around without Andy. A changing of the guard would've left me isolated and I didnt fancy that.


"Looking back I was done. It was time to go. I got fixed up and moved on. I went on to have 2 wonderful years at TalkSport and I'm currently having the time of my life at BeIN Sports. I can't remember life being any better.”

While his account of his departure from Sky seems to overlook a few pretty big facts – the footage of him behaving in a sexist manner towards colleagues for a start – we can’t see how his situation is any way reminiscent of Moyes’ at Old Trafford and the fact that he would even see fit to compare them gives an insight into the man’s ego.

Or maybe we’re being harsh. Maybe it’s all just ‘banter’ Richard, right?