Roscommon Junior teams debate Dr Hyde scheduling row and the photobombing dog's on Twitter 9 years ago

Roscommon Junior teams debate Dr Hyde scheduling row and the photobombing dog's on Twitter

Everyone has lots of sympathy for London but there are two other teams very put out by the GAA replay scheduling.

Curtain raisers


The decision by the GAA to put the London/Leitrim replay in at Dr Hyde Park has caused a fair bit of debate. Normally the return game would be played at the other team’s venue but as a deal is in place to keep London’s later stage Connnacht games geographically in Connacht, the neutral venue in Roscommon gets the gig.

So while most of us moan about unfairness, and the London lads rack up the frequent flyer miles, there are two other teams with legitimate gripes too.

Meet Roscommon clubs St Josephs GAA Kilteevan and Creggs GAA. They were scheduled to play a Junior Championship at the ground next Saturday but now it seems they have been bumped. In fairness to the two teams, they were prepared to make some compromises.

Roscommon GAA tweet


The tooth hurts

He did score an early point but it was pretty clear that Paddy McBrearty was not himself yesterday. The young Donegal star was taken off near the end and in today’s Irish News Jim McGuinness revealed the reason.

"Patrick had a problem with his tooth," he told the paper.

"We had to get him to a dentist in Cootehill on Saturday night, at 10 o'clock, and get work done on it.


"He was in a lot of pain for two days and was on pain killers and he was not his normal self. He had been at the dentist during the week. That didn't work out. It was a tough couple of days for him.”

Mini-mystery solved.

Quotes via Hoganstand

The dog from the Gaelic Grounds has a Twitter account


Finally, the classic 'shaggy dog' story. Last night the nation was transfixed as a dog was held aloft by its owner for almost 30 minutes so he could get the mutt's face onto the TV3 post-match coverage of Clare and Cork. Bizarre and endearing all the same. Now the dog, or, more likely, someone pretending to be the dog, has a Twitter account.

Dog Gaelic grounds

@FitzerTheDog hasn't tweeted much yet, but we remain hopeful he will come good as the summer wears on... good boy...