WATCH: Roy Keane's discomfort was palpable during ITV's World Cup coverage last night 3 years ago

WATCH: Roy Keane's discomfort was palpable during ITV's World Cup coverage last night

He's trying so very hard not to lose his temper.

Wednesday was probably the most underwhelming day of World Cup action so far.


Although we're still going strong without a 0-0, yesterday's results were all fairly predictable, and just a little bit boring.

Portugal scraped past Morocco, Uruguay beat Saudi Arabia, and Spain defeated Iran with every game finishing 1-0 to the favourites.

But we won't complain, because the tournament has been absolutely class so far.

And even when the football is somewhat lacking, we're still blessed with some moments of brilliance. For example, Milad Mohammadi's acrobatic attempt at a throw-in last night.

What. A. Legend.

And when what happens on the pitch fails to entertain, we can always count on the lads in the studio to give us a laugh or two.

ITV's punditry team last night was made up of Slaven Bilic, Ian Wright and Roy Keane, and the audience were given a gem or two from the panel, with Keane being at the heart of most of them.


Firstly, Keane talked about how he wished he ripped Carlos Queiroz's head off during his time as Manchester United's assistant manager:

Excellent coach though, according to Keane...

This wasn't the only test of the Corkman's patience throughout the night though, as during Ian Wright's rant about Iran's performance, the former Ireland captain looked like his head was about to burst.

Have a look for yourself:


It's a fairly spot-on caption too, by @Bennettron on Twitter. He really does look like the lad at the pub who is seriously regretting his choice to bring the car.

At least he didn't try to rip anyone's head off.