Roy Keane has gone full Roy Keane on the England result 3 years ago

Roy Keane has gone full Roy Keane on the England result

Say what you will about Roy Keane, but he's not a man who's scared to speak his mind.

No matter how bloody harsh his thoughts are.


Keane tore into England after their 2-1 extra-time defeat to Croatia in Wednesday night's World Cup semi-final.

In his typical Corkonian style, Keane dismissed the arrogance of some England fans, who assumed that an appearance in the final was a foregone conclusion.

"You were talking about the final. Thinking about where the parades were. You need a reality check," he said. "I don't mind you getting excited, but it was a semi-final!"

In the end, Keane ended up having it out with former England striker Ian Wright, who defended England for beating the expectations and getting as far as the semi-finals, and when Keane wouldn't hear him out, Wright simply resorted to making fun of the way Keane pronounces the word "final" — although Keane got his digs in as well, telling Wright: "You're a grown man."

Commentators on Twitter were absorbed by Keane's punditry performance.



One man who wasn't feeling Keano, however, was former leader of the UK Labour Party Ed Miliband.


Gary Neville was absolutely loving life in between the two sparring partners though...